Be The Girl Worth The Wait

You may be tired of waiting for a guy to sweep you off your feet, but don’t you know he’s been waiting too?

As women, we put so much emphasis on being pursued and loved with a fiery passion, but I think we sometimes forget to be a woman worth waiting for.

How can we expect the right man to find us if we aren’t being the right woman?

I know I struggle a lot with expectations. I set ridiculous expectations for those I love and for myself. That isn’t fair to anyone. It sets everyone up for failure because no one is perfect and everyone will let you down. Everyone except God will let you down at some point – it’s inevitable.

Expecting a man to be your knight in shining armor is absolutely unrealistic. Life is not like a movie. You will marry a real guy not a storybook character. At times, he will certainly make you feel like your life is a movie and you are a princes, but he won’t be perfect and neither will you.

It’s vital that we are working to be strong, independent, respectable women that any man would love to take home to his mother. That may be old fashioned, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Young girls are looking up to you whether you think so or not, and they mimic what you say and do. Setting an example is a full-time job, so think about those little eyes watching your every move.

Be a lady. Have fun, but be a lady. You don’t have to show off your entire body all the time. Leave room for mystery and save something for your husband – it will make him feel special, and he will respect you that much more.

Don’t try so hard. You don’t have to try to be someone you’re not because then that special guy will fall in love with someone you’re not. And once he realizes it was all a show, chances are, he will start searching for someone more genuine who is real from the start.

My boyfriend always says he fell in love with me while I was just busy being myself. I had no idea he was watching, and I was just being me – not putting on a show or a front. And that’s when he fell in love with me, the me I really am. And as our relationship has grown, he has grown to fall more in love with me as he’s learned more about the real me – the good and the bad.

I was waiting for him, praying for him, hoping he would come love me how I needed to be loved. Little did I know, he was waiting for me too.

If I hadn’t been the woman I needed to be in the right place with God, he would have never pursued me. He was searching for someone with a pure heart who was on a journey of loving God. He didn’t want to chase someone, he didn’t want to be chased, he wanted to walk side by side with a woman after God’s heart.

Was I perfect? NO. He learned that quickly. But I’m a work in progress just like everyone else and he recognized that and forgave me and continues to forgive me for all my mistakes, just like Jesus does.

I waited for a man for what seemed like forever before I finally realized that I had been searching for myself all along.

Think about where you’re looking for a guy. Would you want to tell your kids you met at that place or in that way? Don’t get me wrong, everything happens for a reason and we can use mistakes and unplanned events in our lives to still glorify God, but we can also save ourselves some heartache by taking the right steps first.

If we aren’t at the right place to meet that person, then we will either meet them at the wrong place and wrong time, or we will meet the wrong person all together.

We have to be on the right path alone before we can start walking it with someone else. I can’t stress enough how important it is for two people to be whole separately before they can ever be whole together.

He cannot complete you. I repeat: HE CANNOT COMPLETE YOU. The love of God is the ONLY thing in heaven and earth that can ever complete you. When that clicks, the love of your life will come out of nowhere with his good-looking, God-complete self.

Women, we can’t sit around wondering when some man will save us from ourselves. Let God save you. Pursue your love for Him every day until that man comes and then every day after. If that one relationship is steady, every other one will follow suit.

You are gold. You are special. You are a queen, a princess, a beloved daughter. Act like it! Don’t lower your standards and disrespect yourself by just doing anything and everything to pass the time until someone scoops you up.

Make your mind up every morning when your feet hit the floor that you are a prize and you will act like it. Wear your crown proudly and walk with your head held high throughout the day.

When you love yourself and treat yourself with respect, a man will come right along who does the same. The great thing is – you want need that love, but you will want it if it’s the right time and the right guy. And it’s so much more fun to love when you aren’t depending on it for your joy.

So, to the girl who’s tired of waiting, be the best you you can be while you wait. By becoming the right person, you will find the right person for you. Stop searching for him and start searching yourself.

Love love,


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God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

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