Calling Your Name

Isaiah 43:1  “’Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.’”

I have called you by name…

Do you ever feel like your name just doesn’t matter? Like it’s common or boring or just another name on a list or in a room or in the world?

You are not alone, my friend. We have all wondered if our name will ever be remembered.

The truth is, the only real name that matters is Jesus. But the cool part about that is, the most memorable named being calls you, by your name, too/to…

To follow. To lead. To sing. To write. To dance. To love. To live. To rejoice. To go. To stay.

You are called by name. No matter what that name is and no matter what you think it means – to you or people around you, it’s important to the Most Important.

The girl beside you is called, and that guy over there, he’s called, too. They have talents and characteristics that go right along with their specific, special calling. It seems like they have it all and their lives and names matter more than yours.

Guess what. You are called, too. BY NAME. That’s cool stuff.

Sure, your mom and dad named you, but God NAMED you HIS.

He knows how many hairs are on your head! That’s impressive for someone like me who has millions of hairs on top of my head.

He knows your heart, your desires, your dreams, your goals, your fears, your joys… He knows you and loves you no matter what.

He thought of you when He died for the world. Your face, your name, ran across his mind.

So, don’t think for one second you are just taking up space on the planet. I don’t care if you are in the smallest town in America working at the tiniest grocery store – you are still called to be there, showing His love, and bagging those groceries with a smile that might change that one customer’s life.

Whether you think your calling is small or large, it plays a huge part. And maybe you don’t think you have a calling, but then you’d be wrong.

He straight up told you that He has called you “redeemed” so that’s already your life calling – to live redeemed and show people what that really means, what it really means to live free.

Free from stress, worry, anxiety, darkness, sin, death – you’re called to be so free.

So, hey. Go ahead and shake off those thoughts straight from hell that are telling you you don’t matter because I’m telling you that He is telling you that you do in fact matter – a lot.

So, go matter. Go live. Go be free. Go be happy. Go live out your calling.

God is calling your name. Life is calling your name.

Be free,




God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

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