To The Boy Who’s Tired Of Waiting 

“When will that girl notice me? Should I even try to ask her out? There’s no way she would date someone like me.”

Girls are waiting on their Prince Charming, but all those Prince Charmings out their are waiting on the right girl, too.

Not every guy is a “player” and not every guy is out to break girls’ hearts. Some of them have had their hearts broken too, and they are scared to get back in the game.

To that guy: keep holding out and waiting for the girl who needs you like you need her. She will be worth it, and she will let you love her the way you’ve tried to love girls before.

You’ve been turned down or looked over or just completely dumped, but that’s ok because those girls just weren’t the ones for you. They were just preparing you for the one who is for you.

Everyone says it’s so hard to be a girl, but I can tell it’s hard to be a guy too. Your feelings and emotions are sometimes forgotten, but it’s YOU who has to make the first move, ask the girl on the date, get the flowers, and go out on a limb for a girl you think is great who may not reciprocate the feelings.

It’s terrifying to ask a girl – a girl you have decided is out of your league – out on that first date. But I promise, she’s just as nervous as you. She thinks you’re out of her league and she is terrified you might not like her back. So go for it.

And if she turns you down, it’s really not you. It’s not her either. It just wasn’t meant to be.

No one is at fault and there’s nothing wrong with either of you, so just move on and keep your head up and don’t be afraid to ask another great girl.

Girls, we have to remember that guys have feelings too. They are nervous and scared and don’t want to make any assumptions. It’s a lot harder for them to ask us out than for us to say yes or no. Let’s take the pressure off of them and give them a chance when they deserve it.

Guys, it’s also ok for you to be single. I don’t mean single and “hanging out” with every girl in town. I mean like single and figuring life out and getting to know yourself before you decide to take a girl by the hand and do life with her.

If you have the right intentions and pursue a girl with love and genuine kindness, things will work out in your favor.

God says all things work together for good for those who love Him. Search for Him, love Him, before you try to love a girl. And look for a girl who is doing the same thing.

I listened to a podcast a few months ago just after my first date with my boyfriend. It was Louie Giglio’s podcast called “Why Date?” (Check it out here). To this day, it is one of the best sermons I’ve heard.

It put it all into perspective for me. It’s great to think that a girl is attractive, but why are you dating her? Better yet, why SHOULD you be dating her?

By pairing up with her and becoming a team, will you further the Kingdom of God or will you just have a little fun? If you can honestly say you see yourself serving God together AND having fun, then buddy, go ahead and date her and then wife her up.

You can think she’s cute, that’s fine, but look at her heart. Watch how she treats people. Listen to her dreams and passions and decide if you can see yourself spending your entire life with her striving to make the world better together.

Is she someone you want on your team permanently? If she’s more of a pinch runner for you than a homerun hitter, you might want to reconsider. A pinch runner can be helpful and can get you some points, but that homerun hitter will always go to bat for you and try her best to knock one out of the park.

(Sorry for the cheesy baseball analogy – my boyfriend is a baseball coach).

There are billions of girls in the world, but you’ll know the one for you when you stop caring about all the billions of others besides her. When you’re FOMO (fear of missing out) disappears and you don’t care what other girls are doing or what party you’re missing out on as long as you’re hanging out with her doing absolutely nothing, that’s a sign she might be the one.

But until you find her, just be still. Don’t worry about when she will come or who she will be, because it will all happen exactly when it should happen.

I know your heart has been broken ever since that hot girl at school turned you down for prom, but life moves on and gets better – I promise. Life is funny in that she will either end up being your wife or you will tell your gorgeous wife the funny story about her and how you thought your life would never go on.

So, give yourself a break. I know we say we want a chiseled, Liam Hemsworth lookalike, but the truth is, we want someone to love and to love us. We want someone to let us know how they feel and treat us like we are the most beautiful girl in the world. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be real.

So look for a girl who wants those things, those qualities, that you know you bring to the table. If your desires and hearts match up in the right way, the best way, a relationship will happen with ease. And if not, let it go.

But when the time is right and you see her and know she’s the one, don’t be afraid. Be confident in who you are and be confident in the realness of your heart and ask her. Ask her to get to know you and ask if you can get to know her. Ask her if you can have a chance to show her that there are really great guys left in the world. Ask her if you can show her how beautiful she is every day.

Be intentional. Don’t just ask her to come over and watch a movie. Plan a date and let her know you are serious about her. And if she’s the one like you think she is, she will say yes.

But until then, just wait. You don’t have to go out with anyone and everyone just for fun. You don’t have to be like all the other guys hooking up and ditching girls when things get serious. You can just wait it out and be patient until she comes along.

Because she’s waiting for you, too.

To the guy who’s waiting for the perfect girl: she’s out there being patient for you, and when everything lines up and your paths cross, you’ll know all the heartbreak and all the waiting was worth it.

Be brave and take a chance. The risk is almost always worth the outcome.

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God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

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