Step Away From The Other Girl’s Instagram

Get off Instagram. Step away from the phone. No.. don’t go to Facebook. Turn the phone off… you know.. that button on the side you can hold down and then swipe to ensure that you do, in fact, cut off your lifeline.

It will be ok. I promise. It might even be for the best for just a few minutes.

I’ve read this blog before, heck, I’ve written this blog before. About comparing yourself to others and how social media is a mask blah blah blah..

But it honestly can’t be overdone because it is a HUGE problem and such a joy killer. I’m so tired of it.

Me and my girlfriends stayed up way too late one night last week talking and catching up and drinking frozen hot chocolate (from Serendipity in New York off Amazon – it was delicious.. go order it) and looking at other people’s pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

We analyzed hundreds of photos of weddings and houses and outfits and trips and jobs and we just ended up making ourselves feel so bad about the lives we live every day.

Before going to bed, I decided I wasn’t really that pretty, my job wasn’t making me enough money, I would never have a house that big, my wedding wouldn’t be that cool, my hair would NEVER look like that, I’d never get to travel to those places, my day to day was way too boring, I was no fun, and my social media pages just weren’t that cool.

I defeated myself and ruined the confidence I had worked to build up the entire day all in the matter of 30 minutes because of something and someone I could never control or change.

And I know my friends felt the same. Which I hated even worse because I know how beautiful and amazing and fun they all really are. And I know their lives are exciting and they have the cutest clothes and will have magical weddings and visit incredible places and love so many people along the way. I know their worth.

So why do I not know mine?

I’m looking in all the wrong places to find my worth. I’m looking at other people to find my worth. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

A. I need to look to the One who created me who has already told me I’m beautiful and worthy of His love.

B. I need to look within myself and not outside in this messed up world to know who I really am.

C. I need to look to people who love me and see the most beautiful parts of me even on my worst days.

You have to do the same. I’m begging. We cannot go on putting each other and ourselves down. It is a vicious cycle that will never end unless we make a conscious effort to end it.

Jealousy is the root of SO many problems in our world. It’s the reason people put people down, it’s the reason people try to screw other people’s lives up, it’s the reason for so much gossip, and it’s the reason for so much hate.

There’s no love in any of that and love really is what makes the world go round in a way more beautiful way.

There is nothing to be gained from obsessing over someone else’s lives ESPECIALLY when it’s not really even their life.. it’s PICTURES of their life that have been filtered and edited. Those pictures, just like yours, generally capture the best moments rather than the worst.

And a lot of people post really honest and raw pictures of bad days now, too. But DON’T compare your bad days to their bad days.

We are all on our own journeys in our own skins with our own souls. That is so much more special than we realize.

What a wonderful thing it would be if we all treated ourselves and each other like the unique, very special people we are.

Instagram and Facebook will never satisfy you. Go read a book, go for a hike, go have a cup of coffee…go BE. Go be with people. Live a REAL life, not a perfectly captured Instagram life.

And when you do come across pictures of someone else’s happiness, just be happy for them. Don’t resort to jealousy and comparison. Because guess what? Someone is looking at your life and seeing the joy you have, too.

We all have good days. We all have bad days. None of them are ever going to be the same.

So be you. And be beautiful. And live wide open. And don’t let someone else’s joy steal yours.

Go be love,





God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

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