The Orlando Shooting: The Positive We Have To See

What a week this has been for America.

People have been murdered for absolutely no reason.

Forty-nine, no 50, people were murdered. We can’t forget about the young, beautiful, singer and star on the rise, Christina Grimmie, who was shot and killed for no reason the day before a massacre happened for no reason.

America experienced its largest mass shooting in history. Some of us watched the aftermath, and some of us were there.

While yes, a group was targeted, more importantly, PEOPLE were targeted. Human beings were targeted. And we have to focus on that.

It doesn’t matter if they were white, black, Christians, Muslims, gay, straight, female, or male – it matters that they were living, breathing people living their own lives, minding their own business when someone with so many demons decided to make them stop breathing.

I don’t know any of them at all and I never will, but I do know a lot of people. I have a mom and a dad and brothers and friends and a boyfriend and co-workers and church family and a community and every person I just mentioned lives and breathes and loves and dreams every single day.

And that’s what we have to see when we look at the horror around us. We have to see the people we still have in front of us and love the crap out of them. Love them so big. And the people you see that you don’t know? Love them big, too.

You have no idea what people around you are going through, so love them. Some of them are fighting off monsters in their heads and with just a little bit of love, those monsters might be quiet. They might not, BUT they might.

We can’t change everyone or make everything better, but we can play a small part, and if everyone plays a small part, it becomes a big movement.

I’m not condoning what the murderer did by any means, but I am saying that he needed love just like everyone else. He needed grace and kindness and somewhere along the way he didn’t feel that, so he acted out by taking that away from almost 50 other people who weren’t bothering him at all.

Some people act out by taking their own lives, some people act out by degrading other people, some people act out by hurting themselves, some people act out by abusing alcohol, some people act out by making other people around them miserable.

We have all acted out at some point and in some way because we didn’t feel the love we wanted or didn’t feel good enough or wanted to be something else. But we really can help each other. We really can lift each other up without expecting anything in return except the comfort of knowing we are making the world around us just a little bit happier.

There is nothing we could ever say to make what happened better. There are no words to take away the pain these families are feeling. They started feeling those feelings as soon as they got phone calls or texts letting them know the worst news they will ever hear.

But there is love. There is always love.

A member of one group targeted another group, but labels are in the background to me at this point. All I can think about are the individuals and the conversations they had had that day. I’m sure they had called their moms or talked to their significant others or chatted with a barista, not knowing those conversations would be some of their last.

There is not a lot of positive to take away from a situation like this, but we have to find something positive so we can keep going. And in this case, it is love. It is loving the people we still have here and making it a point to be love to people no matter what.

Go be love,




God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

One thought on “The Orlando Shooting: The Positive We Have To See

  1. Kaitlin,

    This world aches and longs for the love of God. You are so on track with this message and I loved every word of it. When will we begin to see the humanity in people and not for what they do or have done or who they love or who they worship? There is a common core in all of us and that core is love. This is why Paul tells us in the Bible that everything will pass away, but Love, Love goes beyond the grave. Charity is beautiful and it takes love to express such loving ways.


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