When A Man Pursues A Woman

We all know the sweet song, “When A Man Loves A Woman,” by Michael Bolton, and more famously sung by Percy Sledge. It talks all about how a man can’t keep the woman he loves off his mind and would trade the whole word for her – an absolutely beautiful song.

But what about pursuit?

Not a lot of men will say, “Hey girl, I will alway pursue you,” but the truth is when a man loves a woman, he HAS to pursue here – the two go hand in hand.

We pursue things like money, dreams, and careers, so why do we often fail to pursue the people we love?

My fiancé told me from the beginning that he would always pursue me, and I honestly wasn’t sure what to think of that. I had heard it in church, but I never really thought about it. I never wrote on my “Future Husband List” that he would need to always “pursue” me, but boy am I glad God wrote that on the list for me.

The pursuit of happiness is an ongoing pursuit for absolutely everyone, and the pursuit of your partner should be too.

I have never been truly pursued by a man until now, and I can’t tell girls enough to wait until they find the man that pursue them every single day – and the man they want to pursue back!

Just last night, my fiancé asked if he could take me on a surprise date. That might sound silly or sappy or way too mushy for most people, but the fact of the matter is that it meant so much because it means that he will never stop showing me how much he loves me and never stop trying to win my heart, even though he knows he has it forever.

He picked me up with Starbucks waiting in the car and Christmas music on – side note: I love Christmas and he isn’t very fond of it, so the Christmas theme was a huge deal. He took me to look at Christmas lights because he knows how much I love them and he loves riding in the car and talking to me. He went out of his way to do so many little things to show me that he loves me for absolutely no reason and no intention other than the fact that I deserve that.

And you deserve that. Oh MAN do you deserve that.

Guess who has been pursuing you since the day you entered the world?

Yep. God.

He pursues our hearts with a fire and a passion that even my adorable fiancé with Starbucks and N’Sync Christmas Pandora can’t match. He pursues us even when we run away, even when we spit in His face, even when we sin directly against Him. He always pursues our hearts, and when we start to pursue Him back, it’s magical. He does little things all the time to remind us just how fiercely He is pursuing us.

The thing about a man pursuing a woman is that it can’t be one-sided. Every woman deserves to be pursued like a princess, but every man deserves to be pursued like a prince. God is pursuing their hearts, too, so why wouldn’t we?

We have to choose to love them and show them love every single day, even when it’s difficult.

In the same breath, we have to pursue God. He is pursing us every second of every day, and we have to do the same to get the most out of our relationship with Him.

Girls, guys, whoever is reading this, YOU deserve the pursuit of love and I hope you always give it back. If a guy or a girl isn’t pursuing your heart right now, please know that God still is.

Don’t ever settle for someone who doesn’t pursue you and love your heart to pieces. God painted us a perfect picture of how that should look so that we could use it as a guide.

The coolest thing is that when you do decide to pursue God’s heart, you usually find someone who is doing the same thing, and then you can pursue Him and each other.

When a man pursues a woman, he can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else and he can’t help but show her what she deserves.

Wait on the pursuit and the little surprise dates and the Christmas lights and the butterflies – it’s all real and out there somewhere; you just have to pursue God to get there.



God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

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