Wait, There’s More…

I feel like Jesus’s favorite thing to say to us is, “Wait, there’s more.” But we don’t always wait, so we get the “less.”

I’ve honestly been dying to write this all day, but He kept saying, “Wait, there’s more.” And boy was there.

It may not seem like much to you and it was really just a normal day with a few unusual events, but a bigger and bigger picture continued to be painted for me from sun up to sun down and I knew it all meant something for someone, even if only me.

My fiancé and I are in the midst of house hunting, and we have come very close to buying two different houses.

We put an offer on a house we both loved a few weeks ago. And so did someone else…one day before we did.

I was devastated and I cried and THEN I went to God’s word (which should’ve been first). My devotional talked all about how we expect and ask and want so much from God and how we can be takers instead of givers and I took the slap to the face and realized that house wasn’t meant for me and something better was waiting. My, “Wait, there’s more” moment.

Fast forward to another round of house hunting where Caleb and I looked at two houses then found “our house” accidentally a few doors down, hours after it had been placed on the market. We were sure it was our house… kind of. We agreed to put in an offer, but I didn’t feel as excited as I should have, unbeknownst to anyone but me and God.

The sellers countered and rejected our offer several times before Caleb asked if I really was excited about the house. He could sense my discomfort with it all. I said, “No I’m not… but I don’t know why.” He asked if I had prayed about it and when I nodded, he said, “Well that’s why. Let’s not get the house.”

I so badly just wanted to want the house and offer more money and have it right when I wanted it, but God was telling me to wait. There was nothing wrong with the house at all other than the fact that God did not want us there.

As I was in prayer the next morning, I specifically praised God for discernment in trivial things like house hunting to prepare us for bigger trials we would face when we would desperately need discernment.

So, I thought the house we were going to look at that afternoon would be the one. And it wasn’t. It was in bad shape, Caleb and I got into a fight about the whole process, and I was just feeling so defeated about the entire process. And that’s when I knew the enemy and grabbed onto what was important to us at the time, finding our first house, and used it to tear us apart.

I fought back. I prayed more. And I kept hearing God say, “Wait, there’s more.”

But, like the stubborn, indecisive child of His that I am, I wavered on the decision to walk away from the previous offer completely.

Maybe we should just offer more money. Maybe that’s the one. Maybe I don’t really have the discernment I thought I did…

That afternoon after tears and fighting and questioning and pleading for answers from God, I randomly walked into a nail salon that I’ve never been to – this is a huge factor of the story because I NEVER cheat on my usual nail spot, Spring Nails (plug for them).

I was emotionally drained and just needed a little pick-me-up. An older woman sat down beside me to get her nails done, and in true Kaitlin-fashion, I told her everything – all my worries and cares.

When I told her about the house, she said, “Walk away.”

She told me not to buy it and that there was something better.

We became fast friends, exchanged numbers, and she told me she always prays before coming into town from her house on her farm that she will meet someone of substance and have a meaningful conversation.

I teared up as she said, “You were the answer to my prayers today.” And I quickly replied, “Well, you were the answer to mine.”

It’s like I had been waiting for an answer all day and expected God to bless me just because I had been in constant prayer. My mentor said when she does that, God always says, “Well, I thought you were praying to simply seek me, not for something in return.”

WOW. Yep. I really was praying to seek Him, but I was expecting Him to answer all my questions and meet all my needs on MY time instead of His.

And His answer was consistently, “Wait, there’s more.”

He even wove the phrase in with my desire to write this post. I kept opening my computer to write it throughout the day, and He kept saying, “Just please wait. There’s more to the story.”

If I would have written it before, I never would have told the part about how the house I thought would solve our previous problems turned out horribly or how the lady at the nail salon was a vessel for God’s message.

When we try to rush and do it our way, in our timing, we miss the best part!!!! He wants us to wait for more because He KNOWS the more is better than the now.

Your more is better than your now. Please know that.

Caleb told me a story about a very interesting man he met on a fishing trip that said if he ever had his own fishing show, his catch phrase would be, “Wait, there’s more” to keep the viewer interested.

That’s totally God’s catch phrase. He wants to keep us interested. He wants to keep us chasing after Him so that we will remember we always need Him and He always has our best interest in mind.

If you get nothing else out of this, take the word “wait” with you and hide it away. Patience and waiting is never a bad thing because when God is telling you there’s more, there is abundantly more.

As for us, even if we end up in a smaller house with “less” by the world’s standards, I know that home will be blessed and we will always have more than we deserve.

Yours in the journey,





God is writing my story while He lets me write a few for Him.

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